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Network - Recent Network Downtime
21 March 2007


As you have all noticed there has been a huge amount of downtime lately, this news post endeavours to explain why.
Due to issues contained inside our mail server and also a number of websites hosted on our main website server, corp, we were exploited and that was abused to allow attackers to send phishing emails pretending to be popular websites such as eBay and PayPal. Corp is of course primarily our test/development server and as such these issues are too be expected, however this is unacceptable and as such our mail systems on this server have been permanently suspended.

This situation also brings to light the fact that many other off-site services revolve around the accessibility of this server and as such if it's down, a good deal of other things are inaccessible also. We aim to remedy this as soon as possible. This will involve mirroring some content amongst servers and moving some services to other locations so as to reduce load on one network node.

A fuller report detailing the changes happening to the Anoxs network will be made available at a later date, this new entry is mostly to address and acknowledge the recent downtime which we consider completely unacceptable. We hope (and are quite confident) that nothing of this nature will happen again.

Anoxs Staff

Forums - Bug in forum users
17 December 2006

It has come to our attention that there is a bug in the forum creation system. Unfortunately it presents a predicament, that being that if we patch this bug all current forums will break and the bug solution is global. So until the forums are replaced (with phpbb3 which should hopefully be happening sometime in the new year) we are just going to recommend that users create a new user account when they create a forum.

In summary:
On creation of an Anoxs hosted phpbb2 forum, please do not use the initial account, create a new account for active use. If you do not do this you will encounter problems.

Forums - Styles
02 October 2006

Anoxs Forums now come with a range of customisable skins from which to choose from, thanks to the tireless work of the Anoxs Staff, in particular Marius. For more information, please read the FAQ on how to apply these skins. If you wish for further skins to be added, read our Support page and choose a method to pass on the details to one of our staff.

Anoxs - Support
27 September 2006

This is a reminder, feel free to connect to irc.swiftirc.net and drop by #anoxs should you require support. If not, email our support email for more specialised help: support@anoxs.net

Anoxs - Anoxs Forums Opens
27 September 2006

Anoxs Hosting and Web Development are proud to announce the arrival of a new service; free forums. On the right, fill out the simple form to gain your very own phpBB forums quickly and without any hassle. Read our FAQ to learn more!